The healthcare industry in Malaysia has seen tremendous growth in the last decade. A combination of government incentives and private-sector initiative has resulted in a proliferation of privately run medical centres and hospitals. A key driver of the industry has been health-tourism. 

Yet, even if the number and range of specialist hospitals and clinics have increased, there lies an area of need that has been relatively ignored.

In the area of NMS disorders, the choices available are limited. People are left to choose from alternative therapies that have uncertain scientific bases. The alternatives would be the use of conventional painkillers and invasive surgery. And this is against the background of an ever-growing percentage of the population that is suffering from NMS disorders such as back and neck pain, and joint problems. These groups of people are rapidly and increasingly demanding for an approach that brings to the patient a viable and efficacious solution.

Enter the field of integrative medicine, where alternative and complementary healthcare is combined with conventional medical disciplines.