In 1987, a young Thomas Ong witnessed how an American chiropractor friend of his father’s solved his mother’s chronic and acute migraine. This was after years of countless visits to doctors and prescriptions of drugs and painkillers that had only given her brief relief, at best.

Thus, a dream was born.

Upon graduation as a Doctor of Chiropractic, and not long after 1997 when he realized his dream of starting his own practice, Thomas soon realized that there was only so much chiropractic could do to help people. 

The dream then became a vision. Thomas knew that if he wanted to achieve what he primarily set out to do, he had to combine his skills and knowledge as a chiropractor with conventional and rehabilitative medicine. The concept of integrative medicine was not new, of course. But it was his vision of the type of collaboration that determined the future of his company. 

And so was born Tonik Asia Group, an organization that has grown into what it is today, a 200-strong staff force, in 13 different locations throughout Malaysia and which at the heart of its clinical staff, is a collaborative team of multi-disciplinary professionals from the chiropractic, orthopedic and physiotherapy world.