A seamless and responsive structure of functional business units that create a dynamic value-chain within the Group.

Tonik Asia Group’s principal activity is the operation of healthcare centres specialising in the provision of chiropractic, physiotherapy and orthopaedic care for neuromusculoskeletal conditions. This area of the Group’s activity is conducted under the TAGS brand infra-structure. They are:

Together, these brands exist in a network of fifteen centres throughout Malaysia.


Complementing the model of services under the TAGS brands of service providers, as well as other healthcare service providers in Malaysia is Tonik Medical Sdn Bhd, the Group’s product distribution arm.

Tonik Medical focuses on the provision of non-surgical solutions for neuromusculoskeletal conditions. It is particularly strong in the field of medical orthotics and bracing technologies for knee OA, as well as the promotion of dynamic bracing solutions for the care of scoliosis.


Supporting both the clinical, as well as the products distribution functions in the Group is TAGS Research and Development.

The services TAGS R&D provide are essential in the Group’s quest to ensure that its services and products are safe, efficacious and based on good science.